Wednesday, March 16, 2011

9 VIDEOS! Ramblin' Freak Gregg Valentino Unleashed at the Arnold Expo! Levrone, Corney & MORE!

Kevin Levrone
Melle Mel
Ed Corney
Frank McGrath
Lauren Powers
Evgeny Mishin
Robert Burneika
Guy Cisternino
Lauren Jacobsen

Kevin Levrone is going to be "The Last Word" column in MD. He's doing a new album called Crying School. He respects everyone who goes out there to compete. He loves the haters too because they buy tickets for the shows. Go support Kevin with buying his supplements: Levrone Formula.

Melle Mel is doing many things. He has a new single called "The Hater." Melle Mel shows that he has abs! Watch out people!

Ed Corney is a legend. He's a great poser & the picture that Greg showed of him at 172 lbs was insane. He did everything with a purpose especially when it came to posing. Having all of those mirrors to see how his body looked was smart.

Frank McGrath is getting ready for the Toronto Pro on June 17th. This was a funny interview. You'll laugh at this.

Robert Burneika is doing the NY Pro as his pro debut. This show just got even better. Go see Burneika at his pro debut.

Evgeny Mishin is 320 lb in this video & he broke a toilet seat for the 3rd time. He's doing the Orlando Europa & the NY Pro.

Lauren Powers is doing her thing. She's putting herself out there on tv & music video. Who says bodybuilding isn't mainstream?

Guy Cisternino just got married to Bethany Wagner, IFBB fitness pro. Also, he's looking to do one of the summer shows in the 202.

Lauren Jacobsen did the Arnold Amateur & she placed 4th in the Figure B class. She's smoking hot & we hope to see Lauren get her pro card soon.

Photo courtesy by Muscular Development

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